Galaxy S III to Arrive at T-Mobile USA on June 20th

The carrier will launch myTouch (Huawei Phoenix and Buddy) and Galaxy Note in July

There has been a lot of speculation on whether wireless carrier T-Mobile will be among those to sell the newly launched Galaxy S III, but new info seems set to put that to a rest.

According to leaked details that emerged over at TmoNews, the operator will have the smartphone available on its network as soon as June 20th.

This is the same release date that we’ve recently heard to have been attached to the Canadian flavor of the device, and has a great chance of panning out.

Reportedly, T-Mobile will launch both 16GB and 32GB flavors of the Metallic Blue Samsung Galaxy S III on that day, yet no info on the pricing has emerged.

What was mentioned, however, was that the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III Ceramic White, T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Phoenix), T-Mobile myTouch (Huawei Buddy) and Samsung Galaxy Note would arrive on July 11th.

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