Galaxy Nexus Rumored Again for April 22nd at Sprint

The handset will arrive with support for the carrier's LTE network

Mobile phone carrier Sprint is getting ready to add the LTE flavor of Galaxy Nexus to its offering in the coming weeks.

The company announced plans to make this move several months ago, but hasn’t provided specific info on when the device will become available for purchase.

Today, however, a new rumor on the matter has emerged, saying that the Google phone is a go at Sprint for April 22nd, in line with what other reports on this suggested.

According to BGR, the device will indeed offer LTE connectivity, though Sprint’s 4G network won’t launch until June.

Sprint has already confirmed the upcoming release of LTE-enabled devices, and it might provide some info on when Galaxy Nexus will arrive in the near future, so keep an eye on this space to learn more on the matter.

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