Fring to Launch Windows Phone 8 VoIP Client

The company hasn’t provided a specific release date for it

Fring, the popular VoIP service, is set to become available for devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system eventually, the company has confirmed.

Speaking to Trutower, Fring unveiled plans to launch a Windows Phone 8 application, but it did not provide specific info on when that might actually happen.

The application was present on Windows Mobile, the predecessor of Windows Phone, but never came to Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, WMPoweruser notes.

Apparently, Windows Phone 8 comes with the necessary support for VoIP to allow the company to build the application with all the necessary integration right from the start.

However, it seems that those who choose the new BlackBerry 10 platform from Canadian handset vendor BlackBerry won’t be so lucky, as Fring is not planning on releasing a client for them anytime soon.

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