Free Graffiti Wallpaper for Nokia N9 Available for Download

Made by graffiti artist Trama, free download via Nokia Store

Those who were lucky enough to grab Nokia's N9 MeeGo smartphone will be happy to know that the Finnish company is now offering a free wallpaper to all owners.

The wallpaper that allows Nokia N9 users to customize their phones was made back in August by a graffiti artist who goes by the name of Trama.

Graffiti is something different, just the like the Nokia N9. We believe that the Nokia N9 is going to appeal to a lot of urban, young people in big cities. These are also the same people who often appreciate graffiti,” said Nokia’s Marketing Manager Jussi Mäkinen.

Obviously, everything is legal as the graffiti was made on a wall set up by the Helsinki authorities especially for graffiti artists.

Graffiti wallpaper for Nokia N9 is now available as a free download from Nokia Store.

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