Flappy Bird Returns to Android in August, Creator Adds Multiplayer to Make It Less Addictive

The game will continue to be free on both Android and iOS platforms

Flappy Bird addicts may be in for a nice surprise, as their favorite game is likely to return to Google Play Store in the next couple of months.

CNBC reporter Kelly Evans, who spoke to Dong Nguyen, the creator of the game, says that Flappy Bird is expected to arrive on Android once again sometime in August.

For those unfamiliar, Nguyen announced several months ago that due to the fact that the game was too addictive and consumed a lot of his personal time, he would remove Flappy Bird from both Google Play and App Store.

Although it has brought him a small fortune, Nguyen did not backtrack on his initial statement and removed the game from the mobile platforms for the reasons mentioned earlier.

However, it appears that during this time, the developer was in fact working on making Flappy Bird less addictive, so that Android and iOS users could continue to enjoy it in small doses. The solution to this seems to be the addition of a new multiplayer mode, which is supposed to make the game less addictive.

No other details on the matter have been shared by Nguyen at this moment, so it's unclear how a multiplayer feature can make the game less addictive, but we suspect that more info will emerge online in the following weeks.

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