Flappy Bird Pulled from Google Play and App Store, Creator Receives Death Threats

Developer Dong Nguyen claims that the game's success ruined his life

Following yesterday's promise that he would take down his Flappy Bird smash hit from Google Play and App Store, developer Dong Nguyen pulled the game from both application stores.

Although many thought that Nguyen was trying to pull a marketing stunt and get even more downloads in the following 24 hours since his announcement of getting the game off Google Play and App Store, the creator of the game kept his promise.

As of today, those who have not previously downloaded Flappy Bird on their devices will not be able to do so in the future due to the game being unavailable.

According to Nguyen, Flappy Bird has brought him tremendous success, although he did not want to become famous with his game. In fact, he claims that the reason for pulling Flappy Bird from Google Play and App Store is because it ruined his simple life.

Seeing the tweets he received after announcing that he would make the game unavailable in the following 24 hours, we could not agree more with his decision.

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