Flappy Bird Coming Soon on Windows Phone

The game might be released on Microsoft’s OS in around 10 days

Owners of Windows Phone-based devices will soon be able to enjoy another highly appealing game on their smartphones, in the form of Flappy Bird.

The title was launched on Android-based handsets only last week, but it seems that it might not be too long before it will be launched on Windows Phone as well.

In fact, responding to some user requests on Twitter, the developer behind the game has confirmed that he will make it available on Microsoft’s OS as well.

Moreover, he noted that users might not have to wait longer than 10 days for the title to arrive on WP, though the approval process could delay its release.

Flappy Bird is a highly addictive game that will give some people a nostalgic feeling, courtesy of its graphics. It offers a simple gameplay, but users will find that it is not as easy to get through stages as they might believe in the first place.

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