Fitbit to Launch Windows Phone 8 App Soon

The company has already confirmed the development of the app

Windows Phone 8 users will soon be able to take advantage of a Fitbit application for their handsets, as the company has already confirmed plans to make the software available for them in the near future.

No specific info on when the application will arrive on devices has been provided as of now, but WMPoweruser has got confirmation that the company was indeed working on such software.

“Let us advise that currently our team is working on developing a compatible app for Windows 8 Phones. We do not have an estimated date for the release yet, but we do expect to be soon,” the company reportedly said.

Apparently, the app might face an issue on Windows Phone 8 devices, as it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, a feature that the mobile platform does not sport for the time being. However, the hardware inside some WP8 devices – such as Lumia 920 – does support the functionality.

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