Facebook for Windows Phone Gets Minor Update (Bug Fix)

The latest version is now available for download in the Marketplace

Microsoft has just announced there’s a new version of Facebook for Windows Phone devices available for download in the Marketplace.

About two months ago, the application got a major update that added lots of new features, such as the possibility to “like” comments, as well as threaded messaging.

Group messaging in Metro style form was included as well, along with the option to delete posts and comments via long press context menu.

Over the past several weeks, Facebook received one more minor update that added several posting features in orders to further enhance users’ experience.

The latest update for the application has just been released and promises to fix a few bugs that have been previously reported by users: notifications now show updated time instead of created time; corrected thumbnail display on likes; now respecting except clause on posts with custom privacy settings.

Facebook 2.7 for Windows Phone is now available as a free download via Marketplace and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and up.

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