Facebook and Facebook Messenger for Android Get Updated

Both applications should offer various improvements and fixes

New flavors of the Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications are now available for download for the Android platform, providing users with some new features and enhancements.

The Facebook application for Android, which debuted last week as a native client, now provides users with the possibility to easily discover places around them and share them with their friends, courtesy of the Nearby tab.

The app also comes with all the enhancements that were included in version 2.0 last week, which resulted in News feed and Timeline to load much faster than before.

As for the Facebook Messenger, it was updated to version 2.2.3-release, although no specific info on what was changed in it has been provided. We can assume that there are mostly bug fixes and minor improvements.

Facebook for Android can be found on this page, while Facebook Messenger for Android is up for download via this link.

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