Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android Arrives in Final Flavor

It brings along support for Android native Login Dialog

In addition to making a new flavor of the Facebook for Android application available for download, the social networking company also pushed out the final flavor of their Facebook SDK 3.0 for the mobile operating system.

The SDK was developed to provide app builders with the possibility to integrate Android apps with Facebook, and comes with support for Android native Login Dialog in the new release.

Furthermore, the latest version of the SDK was made available with support for authentication via an Android service, provided that the Facebook app already has an access token for the user.

Other new features in the SDK include category support to FacebookRequestError, batch-level callbacks to RequestBatch, and a change to requesting new permissions, which now validates that re-authenticated user is same as the original user.

Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android can be found on this page.

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