Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 Gets a Bug Squashing Update

No official changelog has been released for this version

Since Microsoft kicked off the beta program for Facebook app for Windows Phone devices, numerous updates have made their way to Windows Phone Store.

However, there seem to be lots of things that need to be fixed before Facebook for Windows Phone app could catch up in functionality with its siblings from rival platforms such as Android and iOS.

Still, Microsoft continues to deliver updates that sometime address some of the bugs brought in by previous versions or issues discovered by beta testers.

This seems to be the case for the latest update that has just been released to Windows Phone Store for both versions of Facebook, Windows Phone 8 and 8.1

Depending on what platform you run on your device, you will notice that there’s a new or iteration available for download.

Unfortunately, as with all these small updates, Microsoft did not release an official changelog for this update, so there’s no telling what improvements the application has picked up.

We suspect that the update is meant to address some of the issues reported by users, but small tweaks and perhaps new features are a possibility as well. Have you noticed anything new in this version of Facebook?

You can now download Facebook Beta for Windows Phone for free via Windows Phone Store. The application is fully compatible with all devices powered by Windows Phone 8 and up.

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