Evernote Improves Android App Navigation and Simplifies Premium Upgrade Process

The latest update also enhances new user registration

The most downloaded note-taking application for Android devices, Evernote has just received a minor update that improves several features added in previous versions.

Aside from bumping the application to version 4.5.0, developers have confirmed that they have streamlined the new user registration feature and have improved the application navigation. Last but not least, Evernote Premium upgrade process has been simplified.

The Premium version of Evernote for Android allows users to take notebooks offline to access them anytime.

It also provides users with the possibility to allow others to edit their notebooks and the ability to add a PIN lock to their Evernote app.

The new Evernote 4.5.0 is now available as a free download via Google Play Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 1.6 and up. Check it out here.

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