“Dracula's Castle” Puzzler for Android Now Available for Download

The game is also available for iOS players in the App Store

Developer Fortuna Lion Game Studio and publisher Immanitas Entertainment have just released a new game on Google Play and App Store, Dracula's Castle.

The sliding puzzle game challenges players to swap pictures to find the correct location in time in order to successfully complete a puzzle.

The main objective is “to get rid of the clutter in the house before the man of the house, Dracula, comes back into his castle.”

There are 10 picture puzzles built on top of each other that players need to solve in order to prevent that to happen.

However, keep in mind that the difficulty level increases from puzzle to puzzle and when the time is up and the puzzle isn't solved, the task is invalid and has to be done again.

Dracula's Castle 1.1 is now available for download for €0.89 / $0.99 / £0.69 via Google Play Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 2.2 and up. Check it out here.

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