Download blippar 1.3.1 for Android

With various enhancements brought to performance and stability

Augmented reality application blippar has been updated on devices powered by Google’s Android operating system, now available for download as version 1.3.1.

The new flavor of the mobile application brings along a series of enhancements to the robustness of recognition, along with faster load times.

Furthermore, the new app release is said to sport a series of stability improvements for the 3D engine, while also providing users with faster recognition and more stable tracking.

The application was made available for download for all devices running under Android 2.3.3 and newer, and is available for download through the Google Play Store for free.

The app takes advantage of a mobile phone’s camera to “unlock the world around,” providing users with exclusive information, entertainment and virtual experiences. It can be used with products that carry the 'blipp' instruction, including magazines, newspapers, billboards, travel cards, logos and more.

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