Download VLC for Android 0.0.9

With new audio and video output methods packed inside

A new beta flavor of the VLC for Android media player is now available for download, namely version 0.0.9, bringing along various bug fixes, while also providing app developers with the possibility to test new audio and video output methods.

“The audio is now using OpenSL ES, but a preference settings allows you to use the former method using AudioTrack (Java),” the app’s release notes explain.

Additionally, VLC now offers YV12 output preference, which should deliver faster performance, providing that it will indeed work.

The new beta flavor of the app also comes with 16 bits outputs for older devices, which should enhance the display speed. Unfortunately, the new release is available only for devices with ARMv7 or x86 CPUs, and doesn’t offer support for ARMv6 yet.

VLC for Android 0.0.9 can be found on this page in the Google Play Store.

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