Download UC Browser Mini 8.2 for Android

The new version has yet to arrive on Google Play store

It looks like UCWeb has just released the final version of UC Browser 8.2 Mini for Android devices.

Developers had a test version in the works for about 5 days, but it appears that all bugs and issues have been fixed in less than a week.

UC Browser Mini 8.2 brings the following new features and improvements:

- Incognito Browsing: turn on Incognito Browsing in Settings and browsing history and other data will not be recorded;

- Top/Bottom Buttons: when scrolling the page rapidly, the Top/Bottom buttons will appear and you can use them to go to top and bottom of the page;

- High Resolution Optimization: the UI is optimized for phones with high resolution, which makes them more comfortable to use.

The application has yet to be uploaded on Google Play Store, but users can now download UC Browser Mini 8.2 for Android via Softpedia. Check it out here.

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