Download UC Browser 8.8.1 for Java Phones

With fixed issues, an improved experience for all users

A new flavor of the UC Browser is now available for download for Java phones, namely UC Browser

The new application release fixes some of the issues that UC Browser 8.8 arrived on devices with, including some that affected users’ ability to access specific sites.

The new release builds on the enhancements included in the previous version, such as optimizations for downloading large files, along with an improved File Manager.

Furthermore, the new app flavor comes with customized shortcut keys (users can bind a webpage or action to a shortcut key), as well as with the option to share content on Twitter (simply long press on what you want to share and select Twitter from the menu).

The new UC Browser 8.8.1 for Java handsets is available for download through Softpedia as well, via this link.

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