Download UC Browser 2.2 Beta for Android Tablets

The new version comes with various bug fixes and improved stability

UC Web has just released a new UC Browser application for Android tablets. Although this is a beta version, it promises to fix some of the bugs affecting previous iterations and features improved stability.

The new browser also packs several new features, including QR Code, Night Mode, Select and Copy, as well as Save Image.

The new QR Code scanner has been placed in the URL bar and allows users to scan QR codes using their tablet’s camera or on a webpage.

With the Night Mode enabled, users will be able to take advantage of the browser’s features even in darker environments. The Select and Copy option comes in handy when you want to select a specific text and copy or paste it.

Last but not least, Save Image provides users with the option so save their favorite images by long pressing that picture and then choosing “Save” from quick menu.

UC Browser 2.2 (beta) is now available as a free download via Softpedia and it should be fully compatible with all tablets running Android 2.1 and later. Check it out here.

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