Download Soundtracker Radio 1.9.6 for Android

An app to find and listen to over 22 million songs while on the go

A new flavor of the Soundtracker Radio application is now available for download for Android users, namely version 1.9.6, which was pushed to the Google Play Store yesterday.

Unfortunately, no official release notes have been attached to the new app iteration, and we have no idea about the changes that were included in it.

Based on the fact that Soundtracker Radio was updated to version 1.9.5 only several days ago with UI improvements and other enhancements, we can assume that the new app flavor brings along a series of fixes for issues found to affect users’ experience with it.

Soundtracker provides users with access to over 22 million songs for free, as well as with social networking integration to share music with friends, the possibility to play music with friends in real time, and more.

Download Soundtracker Radio 1.9.6 for Android

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