Download ROM Manager (ClockworkMod) for Android

Now with support for TWRP custom recovery and Delta downloads

ClockworkMod has made available a new flavor of its ROM Manager application for the owners of Android handsets today, namely version, with appealing enhancements packed inside.

One of them includes support for TWRP, also known as Team Win Recovery Project, a custom recovery for Android-based devices.

Additionally, the app received support for Delta downloads in the previously released version, which actually landed in the Google Play Store only yesterday. A bug fix was also packed inside it.

According to Koushik Dutta (Koush), users will receive access to a Delta Download button in the ROM Download screen, but the feature will be enhanced in future releases, with delta updates automatically used if available.

Those who would like to get a taste of the latest improvements in the ROM Manager will find it available for download on this page.

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