Download Opera Mobile for Android 12.1.2

With bug fixes and stability and performance improvements

Today, Opera Software made available for download a new version of its Opera Mobile application for devices running under Google’s Android operating system.

According to the app’s release notes, the new flavor of the mobile browser arrives on devices with bug fixes, along with stability and performance improvements.

Thus, users should enjoy fixed issues with Gmail connectivity, as well as those related to the NPN protocol and to the SPDY protocol. As mentioned above, the overall stability of the application has been improved as well, Opera announced.

The browser comes with a full-featured interface, enabling users to surf the web as they like. It also provides bookmark syncing capabilities, built-in support for Twitter and Facebook, and several other features.

The new Opera Mobile 12.1.2 for Android is already available for download and can be found on Softpedia on this page.

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