Download Opera Mobile 12.1.4 for Android

The new app release was meant to resolve a security issue

Today, Opera announced the availability of an update for its Opera Mobile for Android browser, now available for download through the Google Play Store as version 12.1.4.

According to a recent post on Opera’s forums, the new app release was mainly meant to deliver security enhancements to users. The main change in the new release is a “fixed security issues concerning EUC-TW sequences,” the company notes.

All those Android users who have Opera Mobile installed on their devices are recommended to update the app to the latest release as soon as possible.

Opera also encourages users to provide feedback on the experience they receive from the application, so that any issues that might plague the browser would be resolved.

Opera Mobile 12.1.4 for Android can be found on Softpedia as well, via this link.

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