Download Opera Mini for Android 7.5.2

The latest update brings page layout improvements and more

It’s been more than five months since Opera Mini for Android was updated. The last version of the mobile browser dates from November 2012.

Today, Opera has announced that a new version of its Mini browser for Android devices is now available for download.

The application has already been uploaded on Google Play store, but has yet to be available on the developer’s servers.

Opera Mini 7.5.2 brings a few improvements and bug fixes that are meant to enhance user browsing experience.

According to the developers, the fonts for hi-res devices have been improved, along with font calculation method.

Developers have also confirmed that the page layout has received some improvements. Last but not least, various stabilization fixes have been included in the update as well.

Opera Mini 7.5.2 is now available as a free download via Google Play Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 1.5 and up. Check it out here.

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