Download Opera Mini 7.5.3 for Java and BlackBerry Devices

With an improved download manager, Private Browsing mode, and more

A new flavor of the Opera Mini browser is now available for download for the owners of Java and BlackBerry devices, namely version 7.5.3.

The new application iteration will provide users with an improved download manager, so that they could be able to pause, resume and restart downloads when they consider it fit.

Furthermore, the mobile browser now packs a Private Browsing mode, which can be switched on when users don’t want the visited pages to be saved to the browsing history.

Additionally, Opera Mini for J2ME and BlackBerry devices comes with various performance improvements, including smoother scrolling and increased responsiveness in touch screens.

Users interested in getting the new flavor of the app for a spin should head over to on their handsets and download it directly to the device.

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