Download Nokia’s NFC Writer and Oreo Skies Apps for Windows Phone

Two new appealing applications for the owners of Lumia devices

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available two new applications for the owners of Nokia Lumia devices, namely the Nokia NFC Writer and Oreo Skies, both up for download via the Windows Phone Store now.

The Nokia NFC app was designed exclusively for Windows Phone 8 devices to enable users to read/write standard NFC tags.

One can easily come up with tags for launching apps, sending text messages, checking in to places, updating social status, and more. The NFC Writer can be found on this page in the app store.

The Oreo Skies application, on the other hand, arrives on all Lumia devices, and enables users to explore a map of stars and constellations via pointing the smartphone at the sky at night.

“Tap shooting stars to unlock hidden messages and special offers. Kid’s favorite cookie just went out of this world with Oreo Skies,” Nokia also notes. The software is listed on this page in the storefront.

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