Download Nokia Xpress for Windows Phone 8

The mobile browser was updated with bug fixes, privacy policy changes

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has made available for download a new flavor of the Nokia Xpress browser for Windows Phone 8 devices, providing users with a series of enhancements when compared to the previous flavor of the app.

According to the release notes of the application, the new flavor packs various bug fixes inside, along with updates to the privacy policy.

The browser continues to provide users with appealing features, including important data and time savings, courtesy of the compression technology that Nokia has packed the app with, which also results in faster loading times.

“Your security is very important to us! Secure websites (HTTPS) are processed and optimized by Nokia Xpress servers and transmitted thru encrypted connections,” Nokia explains.

The new Nokia Xpress for Windows Phone 8 browser flavor can be found on this page in the Windows Phone Store.

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