Download HDR Photo Camera for Windows Phone 8

With tone mapping, new filters, and other enhancements

The HDR Photo Camera application for Windows Phone devices has been updated to version, with some appealing enhancements packed inside, including tone mapping and a configurable aspect ratio.

“The tone mapping algorithm can be used on a single image and is suitable for moving objects or scenes that are not possible to be captured in three independently exposed frames,” the company explains.

The new application release also features 12 new filters (including 4 HDR filters), as well as workflow for fusing already captured sets of frames.

Furthermore, the software iteration lands on devices with various bug fixes inside, as well as with improvements brought to the user interface.

The application is available for purchase for Windows Phone 8 devices via this page in the Windows Phone Store, priced at $2.49. As WPCentral notes, no free trial is available.

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