Download Facebook for Android 10 with Ability to Like Posts When Offline

The new version also allows users to remove tags they've created

Facebook is working hard to improve its mobile applications with new features, tweaks and bug fixes, which is why we're seeing updates being pushed to users pretty often.

The latest update for Facebook is aimed at Android users and brings completely new features and options that were not available in any other previous versions of the mobile app.

One of the most important new features announced by Facebook is the ability to like posts, photos and Pages even when you're offline.

In addition, Facebook users will be able to remove all the tags they have created, as well as tags of themselves that their friends have created. Another major improvement included in this update is the option to turn post notifications on and off.

Last but not least, Facebook's engineers have confirmed that the update also contains a series of improvements for speed and reliability, but no additional details on the matter have been shared yet.

That's about all the changes included in the new version of Facebook, but we will keep an eye out for any future updates for this application, so stay tuned.

You can now download Facebook for Android 10.0 for free via Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the application should be fully compatible with most devices powered by Android 2.3 and up.

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