Download Dolphin Browser 9.0.2 for Android

With speed improvements, the ability to save PDFs in Dolphin

A new version of the Dolphin Browser is now available for download for Android 2.0.1 and up devices, with a series of welcomed enhancements and new features packed inside.

The new app release, available for download as Dolphin Browser 9.0.2, comes with speed improvements, now launching faster than before.

Moreover, it sports an enhanced Private Mode, which should help users surf the web without leaving a trace. The new app version also comes with the option to download PDF files directly in Dolphin, as well as with various stability and performance improvements.

The Dolphin team also notes that those who experience issues with the browser in Android 4.2 should update their Jetpack or uninstall it.

Released on November 16, the new Dolphin Browser 9.0.2 for Android is available for download in the Google Play Store via this link.

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