Download Chrome Beta for Android 25.0.1364.108

With various bug fixes and performance improvements packed inside

A new flavor of the Chrome Beta browser is now available for download for Android devices, packing a wide range of bug fixes and performance improvements, namely version 25.0.1364.108.

The new iteration of the application was released with working tilt scrolling on tab switcher mode, as well as with resolved issues with login to LinkedIn desktop site.

Furthermore, an issue that caused text selection and text input handles to appear at incorrect positions has been fixed as well, along with a series of frequently occurring crashes.

According to the application’s changelog, there are also a series of improvements to scrolling performance and fling speed packed inside the app.

The new Chrome Beta for Android 25.0.1364.108 can be found on this page in the Google Play Store, though users should keep in mind that this is not a stable release, and that it still packs various issues.

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