Download Camera ZOOM FX for Android 4.0.3

With various fixes and improvements, new features as well

Only a few weeks after the release of a major update for the Camera ZOOM FX for Android, the team of developers behind the application has delivered a new flavor to all users.

Available for download today as Camera ZOOM FX for Android 4.0.3, the new software release brings along both a series of improvements, as well as fixes for various issues that affected it.

For example, silent shutter / flash / image capture from mms bugs have been resolved, while German, Korean, and Japanese translations have been improved.

Moreover, the app can now edit photos after image capture from other apps, and also comes with a centered Viewfinder, though users can change that from the settings menu.

The new flavor of Camera ZOOM FX for Android 4.0.3 is available in the Google Play Store now.

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