Damian Dinning Confirms Departure from Nokia, Will Go to Jaguar

The decision to leave the handset vendor was a personal one

Damian Dinning, well known for his tremendous contribution to Nokia’s imaging technologies, has confirmed his departure from the Finnish handset vendor.

As mentioned yesterday, his decision was driven by the fact that Nokia was moving a number of key strategic roles to Finland.

Being based in the UK, he decided to remain close to his family in the country, where he will be joining Jaguar Land Rover moving forth.

In a statement to PureViewClub, he also noted that he had a great time working with the imaging team at Nokia, especially since photography is one of the passions he has been pursuing since childhood.

With cars being another passion of his, the move to Jaguar Land Rover, where he’ll “take a role driving future innovations in the exciting new field of Connected Car,” is a welcomed one.

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