DROID DNA’s Bootloader Can Be Unlocked via HTCDev

Verizon might not change this before the phone goes up for sale

DROID DNA by HTC, the latest Android-based smartphone to go official at Verizon Wireless, was seen as a highly appealing device from the start, yet it seems that not all of its features were unveiled right from the start.

According to a new report on the device, Verizon and HTC also decided to bring it to shelves with an unlockable bootloader packed inside, something that is restricted to only a few smartphones on the wireless carrier’s network.

It seems that those who will purchase the DROID DNA will be able to easily unlock it through the HTCDev portal, at least at the moment (though Droid-life suggests that this might not change by the time it arrives on shelves).

Users will be able to unlock the smartphone by following the instructions on HTCDev, after choosing the “All other supported models” option on the website.

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