Cut the Rope for Windows Phone Tastes Bug Fixes

It will no longer exhibit a graphical bug when launched from the Tile

Today, a new flavor of the Xbox Live title Cut the Rope was made available for download for the owners of Windows Phone devices.

Apparently, the update was destined mainly at resolving issues that previously affected users’ experience with it.

To be more precise, users have complained about the fact that the application exhibited a graphical issue when launched from the dedicated Tile on the phone’s Start Screen.

The bug manifested with the display of an odd multi-color screen and a progress bar, WPCentral notes. However, it seems that the new flavor of the application has resolved the issue.

Designed by Zeptolab UK Ltd, the Cut the Rope game is available for download with 300 levels from the Windows Phone Store as version It can be purchased for $0.99.

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