Cut the Rope: Experiments Arrives on Windows Phone 8 Tomorrow

The game should include 150 levels, might be priced at $2.99 / €2.3

Starting tomorrow, owners of Windows Phone 8 devices will be able to enjoy a new mobile game from ZeptoLabs, namely Cut the Rope: Experiments.

The game will be available for Windows Phone 7-based handsets as well, and will feature the same candy-hungry Om Nom.

The game will arrive on devices with a new set of levels over the previous Cut the Rope title, and even features some of the props from the original, WPCentral explains in a recent post.

However, users will have a lot of new gameplay elements to enjoy in this title, which will provide them with a new, more appealing experience.

At launch, Cut the Rope: Experiments for Windows Phone might sport 150 levels, which should keep users busy for several hours. The game is expected to feature a price tag of $2.99 / €2.3.

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