Confirmed: HTC 8X Will Get GDR3 Update Instead of GDR2

The information comes via Australian carrier Vodafone

We reported last week on GDR2 update cancelation by HTC, but it looks like the Taiwanese handset maker has no intention of dropping support for its Windows Phone devices.

Vodafone Australia announced last week that HTC would not offer the long-awaited GDR2 update for HTC 8X, but failed to offer an explanation.

Today, the Australian carrier has issued a short statement confirming that the HTC 8X will be upgraded directly to GDR3 update, which is likely to be available in the following weeks.

According to Vodafone Australia, HTC got in touch with it and said that it wouldn’t be releasing the GDR2 update, as it was focusing on the release of GDR3.

There are no details on the exact release date of GDR3 for HTC 8X, but Vodafone has confirmed that timings for this update will be announced soon. Stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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