Chrome for Android Gets Homescreen Shortcuts and Bandwidth Management

An updated version of the browser will be rolling out in a matter of days

Google is finally releasing a new flavor of the Chrome for Android mobile browser, in an attempt to provide users with some of the features previously available only in the beta version.

This includes homescreen web shortcuts (aka the Add to homescreen feature), as well as data compression and bandwidth management, so that users could reduce the amount of data eaten by the browser by up to 50%.

The new Chrome for Android will enable users to create shortcuts to favorite sites straight on the homescreen, thus enjoying faster access to them. Simply select “Add to homescreen” from the toolbar menu for that.

As for the new bandwidth management feature, head over to Settings > Bandwidth management > Reduce data usage, and turn the feature on, Google explains in a blog post.

The updated Chrome for Android application will be rolling out to users in a matter of days. The latest beta version of Chrome for Android is available for download on Softpedia as well.

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