BlackBerry Z10 to Cost $149 on Contract

Extensive BlackBerry 10 screenshots gallery also available

By on January 21st, 2013 15:25 GMT

Canadian mobile phone maker Research In Motion might have already finalized the BlackBerry 10 operating system, while gearing up for making it official on January 30.

Handsets running under the platform are expected to arrive on shelves soon after the launch, and it seems that they might be priced lower than current high-end smartphones.

According to a recent post on BGR, these phones should be priced well below the $199 mark, and users might be able to purchase them at either $149 or lower on contract.

Nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter for the time being, but such a low price tag could indeed help RIM get back in the game.

Until these details are formally announced, you can have a look at the extensive BlackBerry 10 screenshots gallery that said news site has published, detailing many of the platform’s features.

BlackBerry 10 screenshots (6 Images)

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