BlackBerry Z10’s Camera Showcased on Video

It comes with various filters, photo editing capabilities

As seen yesterday, Research In Motion appears set to pack its upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices with new capabilities related to the camera, and some of these can already be admired, courtesy of a video demo.

Embedded above, the video comes from GadgetMasters and was meant to demo the camera features of a BlackBerry Z10 prototype, and not those of a final device, it seems.

Furthermore, the smartphone is said to run under development software as the final flavor of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 operating system might not arrive for several weeks now.

However, the news site notes that there are various filters that users can choose from, enabling them not only to change the colors of the photo, but also to add artistic filters.

Additionally, BlackBerry 10 will arrive with a complex photo editor so that one could easily resize, rotate, or cut an image as they please.

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