BlackBerry Z10 Tastes Leaked OS

An unofficial new platform build for STL100-3 models

A new operating system build has emerged online for the new BlackBerry Z10 devices out there, roughly a month since the smartphone arrived on shelves for the first time.

Spotted as OS, the leaked software requires a Windows PC to be installed, it seems.

However, users will have to keep in mind that the leaked build is available only for the STL100-3, which means that it should not be installed on any other model.

BlackBerry Z10 owners can go to Settings> About> General to check this. Apparently, the leaked OS has been verified only on this Qualcomm LTE variation, and it might brick other devices should one attempt to install it.

We would advise users to wait for an official OS upgrade from BlackBerry instead of installing leaked builds. However, those who would like to proceed will find more info on the matter in this post at CrackBerry.

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