BlackBerry Z10 Photo Samples Spotted on Flickr

They suggest that a filter might have been applied

Photos allegedly taken with Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry Z10 smartphone have emerged online on Flickr, providing us with a glimpse at how the device’s camera will perform.

The EXIF data attached to these photos specifically mentions BlackBerry Z10 as the device that was used to snap them.

As CrackBerry notes in a recent post, however, more interesting is the fact that the photos appear to have been filtered.

This suggests that RIM has been working on enhancing the imaging capabilities of its devices as well, and that users will have at their disposal various frames and filters to take advantage of when shooting.

Although specific details on the matter are not available for the time being, RIM is set to make them all official on January 30, when it will launch both BlackBerry 10 and devices running under it.


BlackBerry Z10 Photo Samples (3 Images)

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