BlackBerry World Now with “Built for BlackBerry” Section

Already accessible from BlackBerry 10-based devices

BlackBerry World, the official application portal for the owners of devices coming from Canadian handset vendor BlackBerry, has just added a new section to the list, namely Built for BlackBerry.

The new category appears to be connected with the developer campaign that BlackBerry (Research In Motion at the time) has launched for those interested in building applications for its BlackBerry 10 operating system.

In said section in the app storefront, users will find applications and games published as part of this initiative, with various such software already available for download.

Owners of BlackBerry 10-based smartphones can now access the new section through the BlackBerry World on their handsets, CrackBerry reports.

With BlackBerry 10 also offering support for applications ported from Google’s Android operating system, this new section will certainly be welcomed by both users and developers alike.

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