BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta Leaks Online

RIM has been working on this app release for a while now

In addition to working on the launch of its new BlackBerry 10 platform, Research In Motion is also pushing forth with the development of software for the older OS releases, although not at the same pace as it did before.

BlackBerry Theme Studio is an example in this regard, as the company has been working on the release of version 7.1 beta for quite some time now, but hasn’t made it available for download just yet.

However, it seems that the BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta has leaked online recently, and that people might be able to grab it, BlackBerryOS notes.

BlackBerry Theme creators will certainly want to give the new app flavor a try, though they should keep in mind that this is only a beta release (not to mention that it is a leaked one) and that it packs various bugs that could affect their experience.


BlackBerry Theme Studio 7.1 Beta (2 Images)

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