BlackBerry Q10 Now Available at Bell and TELUS in Canada

The smartphone is priced at around $200 (150 Euro) on contract

Starting today, Canadians can head over to Bell and TELUS stores and purchase the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone in the world to sport a QWERTY keyboard on the front.

The mobile phone can be seen on the websites of both wireless carriers as well, on this page at Bell and via this link at TELUS.

At the former, BlackBerry Q10 sports a price tag of $199.95 (around 150 Euro) with the signing of a three-year contract agreement, while being priced at $199 on contract at the latter. TELUS also lists it priced at $700 (526 Euro) contract-free.

Released over the weekend in the UK, the smartphone has seen great initial demand, and is expected to enjoy high adoption in Canada and in other markets around the world as well.

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