BlackBerry Q10 Gold Edition Coming Soon

The smartphone has already been showcased in black and rose gold

If you thought that the new QWERTY-enabled BlackBerry Q10 smartphone was an appealing device, you haven’t had the chance to have a look at the gold version of the handset.

Gold & Co. London, a company who specializes on the launch of luxury gold and gold-plated smartphones and other devices, has decided to come up with its own flavor of BlackBerry’s new smartphone.

They have already published photos with the device, in black and rose gold, and supposedly confirmed that a white flavor of the smartphone will also be released.

With the new look, the BlackBerry Q10 phone will certainly appeal to more users, though we doubt that there will be many of them who could afford purchasing one.

The standard version of the smartphone, however, will be far more affordable, and should land on shelves starting with April this year. Sprint has already confirmed Q10’s landing on its LTE network.

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