BlackBerry Passport (Windermere) Officially Confirmed for September

The handset should sport a 4.5-inch 1440 x 1440 pixels screen, QWERTY keyboard

Today, Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has officially confirmed plans to launch a new smartphone in September, and it has announced that it will call it BlackBerry Passport.

However, the device appears to be none other than the BlackBerry Windermere that has made it to the headlines quite a few times lately, and which can be seen in the photo embedded below.

The mobile phone has been rumored to arrive on the market with a large 4.5-inch touchscreen display capable of delivering a 1440 x 1440 pixels resolution, and to pair it with a QWERTY keyboard, bringing it in line with other devices in the vendor’s lineup.

However, as MobileSyrup notes, the handset might also hit shelves with a touch-sensitive keyboard panel that should ensure easier auto-correction.

Although it has confirmed the availability of this device, BlackBerry has not provided specific info on what it will have to offer but has said that it will offer full details on it in September, during a press event set to take place in London.

What’s also interesting to note, however, is the fact that BlackBerry is expected to launch a new, Classic handset sometime in November, and that these two devices should help it get back into the game on the smartphone market.

What remains to be seen is whether the company will leave aside the current naming scheme for the upcoming device. The latest QWERTY-enabled devices from the company were launched with the “Q” letter in their names, yet Passport might not feature one, it seems.

BlackBerry Classic and Passport (Windermere)
BlackBerry Classic and Passport (Windermere)

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