BlackBerry 10 Won’t Accept Specific Passwords, Around 106 of Them

RIM has set specific rules regarding the use of passwords, it seems

Research In Motion is well known for the security features of its mobile platform, which made it highly popular among enterprise users, and it seems that the company doesn’t want its reputation to fade out with the launch of BlackBerry 10 either.

In fact, the company is expected to tighten up the security of the platform in the upcoming release, and is now said to forbid specific combinations of numbers and letters from being used as passwords for user accounts.

Apparently, the BlackBerry 10 OS already has a list of 106 passwords that people cannot use to secure their accounts.

According to rapidberry, some of these would be: 123456; 12345678; 123abc; a1b2c3; aaaaaa; abc123; abcdef; amanda; andrew; angel; asdfgh; august; avalon; bandit; barney; baseball; and batman. The entire list can be seen on this post on the news site.

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