BlackBerry 10 Will Arrive in India via Aircel

Specific info on availability and pricing will be announced at a later date

Mobile phone users in India will have the opportunity to purchase BlackBerry 10 devices soon after their official launch, as wireless carrier Aircel has confirmed plans to add them to its offering.

Research In Motion is set to officially launch the BlackBerry 10 platform on January 30, when it will also offer details on the first smartphones that will run under it.

These handsets are expected to arrive on shelves soon after the official launch, yet a specific release date hasn’t been announced as of now.

As BBIN notes, Aircel has been adding a nice range of high-end smartphones to its lineup in the past couple of years, and the BlackBerry 10 smartphones will fit nicely there.

Carriers in other countries around the world also confirmed plans to make the new handsets available for their users, including those in Canada and the United States.

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