BlackBerry 10 Now Up for Pre-Order in Canada at Future Shop Too

RIM should provide specific details on availability and pricing on January 30

Today, Best Buy announced that it was taking pre-orders for Research In Motion’s yet unannounced BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and another retailer in the country has unveiled a similar move now, namely Future Shop.

The same as Best Buy, this retailer is accepting reservations for said devices through its stores around the country, and enables users to pre-order them on the networks of Bell, Rogers, Telus and Virgin Mobile.

For the time being, no details on pricing or availability have been provided, though it might not be too long before the info is provided.

RIM is set to make the new BlackBerry 10 platform official on January 30, and it should announce specifics on the upcoming devices and their landing on shelves at that date, so keep an eye on this space for further updates.

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